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Teacher training target missed by a fifth Image copyright Getty Images

Le 29 décembre 2017, 05:05 dans Humeurs 0

Teacher training target missed by a fifth Image copyright Getty Images
There has been a failure to attract a fifth of the trainee teachers the government says are needed for secondary schools in England.
Department for Education figures show only 80% of trainees were recruited on to schemes in 2017 and targets were hit in only two of 15 subjects.
It is the fifth year in a row teacher training targets have been missed.
However, School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said there were a record number of teachers in schools.
"We simply cannot go on like this," said the Association of School and College Leaders' head Geoff Barton.
"There are severe teacher shortages in many subjects and in many areas of the country, and this is having a real and detrimental impact on the quality of education that we able to provide to our young people.
"It is imperative that we better incentivise teaching as a career, not least through a cost-of-living pay increase which addresses the significant real-terms decline in teaching salaries and which is fully funded by the government."
'Attractive career'
Every year, around 30,000 new teachers need to be recruited in order to ensure schools have enough to staff their classrooms.
There were 27,895 new entrants to postgraduate Initial Teacher Training courses in the academic year 2017 to 2018, compared with 26,750 in academic year 2016 to 2017.
Mr Gibb said there were 15,500 more teachers in schools than in 2010.
"The fact that more than 32,000 new trainee teachers have been recruited in a competitive labour market, with historic low unemployment rates and a growing economy, shows that the profession continues to be an attractive career," he said.
"These numbers build on last year's figures, with 1,100 more graduates training to teach and the number of them holding a first-class degree now at record levels, meaning we're attracting more of the best and brightest into our classrooms.
"Of course, we want these figures to continue to increase, which is why we recently announced generous bursaries and other financial incentives to encourage even more talented trainees to key subjects, such as maths and physics."
Pay cap
There has been growing pressure for a pay rise among teachers and other public sector workers.
The government has suggested it is prepared to lift the public sector pay cap on wage rises of 1% a year.
But there was no confirmation of that in the latest Budget.

Ultrarunner Zach Miller: ‘I love digging in the pain cave’

Le 8 novembre 2017, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

The UK is turning back the clock on the education of disabled children
I got my first taste of our two-tier education system before my son Samuel, who is now 15, had even started school. Samuel has spina bifida, and I was told before he was born that the challenges we would face would be great. But I hadn’t anticipated it would mean a two-year fight to get him a place at our local primary school, where his big sister was already in class. I had to stand down as a governor to fight for Samuel’s inclusion, but we won, and by Samuel’s first sports day the school had started to change PolyU has a strong record for collaborative Research and innovative research in Asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new products..
That day the PE teacher lined Samuel up, in his wheelchair, for the 100m race. The starting gun was fired. And within about 15 seconds it became apparent that the teacher had not thought through how Samuel, then the only child in the class with a wheelchair, would “run” this race. As I anticipated when I saw him on the start line, every other child crossed the finish before Samuel’s little chair had taken him halfway down the track. As Samuel pushed the joystick on the chair as far forward as he could, cheers from the parents on the sidelines lapsed into silence. Until someone started to chant his name: “Samuel! Samuel!” Within what felt like moments, everyone was cheering him across the finish line.
That moment encapsulated for me just how important it was for Samuel to be in that school. In that moment every parent, teacher and child knew it was the taking part that mattered. Ultimately, that is what inclusive education is about. While the needs of every child may be different, their place in a classroom – or on a race track – is valuable.
But that place is increasingly under threat. And it has been for seven years. In 2010 I challenged David Cameron, on camera, on how his plans for disabled children would harm inclusive education, and my fears have been proven right. The number of children with special needs being home schooled has jumped by 57% in five years, while 1,000 children with recognised needs are waiting for a school place.
Adam Boddison, chief executive of the charity the National Association for Special Educational Needs, said schools are finding it difficult to be inclusive in part because of pressures on their budgets.
In August the UN released a damning report that warned Britain is failing to uphold disabled people’s rights. It painted a grim picture of the reality facing disabled people every day, with poverty rife and the right to independent living ignored.
When it comes to education, the UN confirmed what parents of disabled children already know: that Britain has a two-tier system. Not only has progress towards inclusive education “stalled”, the UN said, but disabled children are increasingly segregated, with the number of children with special educational needs (SEN) attending state-funded “special schools” rising. The government is in fact acting in direct opposition to its commitment to inclusive education. In March this year it announced that £215m extra funding for local councils for children with SEN can now be used for “special units” or “special schools”. The government didn’t even issue the UN’s guidance on inclusive education to local authorities LPG M6.
You don’t have to look very far back in history to see how hard fought the battle for inclusive education was. Just 100 years ago disabled children were taken away from their families to be shut away in what came to be known as “exile schools”. They were treated like prisoners and taught only certain trades, such as basket weaving for blind children, which neither matched their potential nor were sufficient to pull them out of poverty. As recently as 50 years ago educating disabled children in mainstream schools was still almost unheard of, and abuse still commonplace.
You don’t have to look very far back in history to see how hard fought the battle for inclusive education was
Overcoming the stigmatisation of disabled people has been, and still is, a long battle. From 1972, when Paul Hunt had a letter published in the Guardian calling for equality for disabled people, to the formation of the Alliance for Inclusive Education in 1990, years of work preceded the 2009 UN treaty that finally secured inclusive education for disabled people as a right.
Simply placing Samuel in a mainstream school did not mean that his needs were always met. Inclusion does not automatically bring integration. But the year after Samuel “ran” that 100-metre race, the school introduced boccia, a precision sport that is played seated, to sports day. This was just one of many examples of how Samuel’s presence in the school gave other children the opportunity to develop skills that they wouldn’t have otherwise.
Part of a rich education is being exposed to, and learning how to deal with, difference. And realising that when we do, we are all the better for it.
• Jonathan Bartley is co-leader of the Green party LPG M6

There are three ways to phlegm TCM

Le 11 août 2017, 05:36 dans Humeurs 0

Recently, many people are troubled by cough and phlegm. Chinese medicine will be divided into three cases: the first is a cold cough phlegm, which is the upper respiratory tract infection; the second is caused by chronic bronchitis sputum; the third is yellow sputum.


Most children and young people cough are mostly cold and upper respiratory tract infection. After treatment, stuffy nose, runny nose, fever, sore throat and other symptoms have been improved, but still throat wall red, itching, itchy cough, no sputum or less Phlegm, which is the most common cough. Loquat leaf is the treatment of cold cough after the main drug cold, but also the pharynx phlegm sputum or no cough commonly used drugs. If long-term cough without sputum, available Chuanbei powder. 3 grams Chuanbei powder, and then a whole bunch of raw pears, pear skin, pear core removed, together in the bowl, steamed, pear, powder, soup together, cough better. Note that this side of the sick longer time cough effect, the other if the patient cough with sputum can not eat.


Phlegm in different colors suggests different evidences in the body. A week after the onset of symptoms of itchy throat, may be accompanied by cough, often without sputum. Phlegm is generally bacterial infection, mainly simple inflammation, and sometimes may also be due to bronchial edema caused by increased secretion. Yellow sputum is a bacterial infection, with antibiotic treatment works well. Phlegm is caused by bronchiolitis and alveolar abnormal secretion, mainly chronic inflammation, is generally not caused by bacterial infection, with antibiotic treatment no effect. In addition, frequent smokers will spit out gray sputumThe best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!.


There are three methods of phlegm TCM: First, expectorant; the second is phlegm; third is 蠲 (the meaning of the volume go, go) to drink.


Expectorant is the site of the upper respiratory tract infection shallow, Chinese medicine mainly Sunburn Ephedra, Sunburn Purple Sunburn, sunburn winter, white hair Prunella, Sunburn loquat leaves, Albizia and so on, both cough expectorant effect, so sputum Easy to cough up.


Phlegm for chronic bronchitis patients often cough phlegm, commonly used Chinese Pinellia, almonds and other phlegm, with inhibition of sputum secretion. However, phlegm alone is not enough, often used together with other Chinese medicine.


drink is aimed at the foam sputum, the main Chinese medicine mustard, razor clam, cassia twig, the role of these drugs is to promote the reabsorption of thin liquid-like sputum, reducing the foam.

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