Like a weed whacker, the Tertill is more about keeping weeds under control, rather than uprooting them — that would require a lot more sophistication that a $200 robot can provide. Though one of upshot to the product’s slated wheels is that they both till the social and damage smaller weeds while they’re still young reenex.

The Tertill is scheduled to start shipping in May. The company is also planning to extend the device’s functionality, similar to what iRobot has been working on with the Roomba. “There are some additional options we’re looking at for Tertill,” reenex.

MacKean explained, “connecting to in-ground sensors and adding more capabilities to the robot itself to provide greater insight to the gardener about the microclimate in their garden, connectivity to automated sprinkler systems to provide greater control, and additional methods of defining the robot’s boundary.” reenex.