Recently, many people are troubled by cough and phlegm. Chinese medicine will be divided into three cases: the first is a cold cough phlegm, which is the upper respiratory tract infection; the second is caused by chronic bronchitis sputum; the third is yellow sputum.


Most children and young people cough are mostly cold and upper respiratory tract infection. After treatment, stuffy nose, runny nose, fever, sore throat and other symptoms have been improved, but still throat wall red, itching, itchy cough, no sputum or less Phlegm, which is the most common cough. Loquat leaf is the treatment of cold cough after the main drug cold, but also the pharynx phlegm sputum or no cough commonly used drugs. If long-term cough without sputum, available Chuanbei powder. 3 grams Chuanbei powder, and then a whole bunch of raw pears, pear skin, pear core removed, together in the bowl, steamed, pear, powder, soup together, cough better. Note that this side of the sick longer time cough effect, the other if the patient cough with sputum can not eat.


Phlegm in different colors suggests different evidences in the body. A week after the onset of symptoms of itchy throat, may be accompanied by cough, often without sputum. Phlegm is generally bacterial infection, mainly simple inflammation, and sometimes may also be due to bronchial edema caused by increased secretion. Yellow sputum is a bacterial infection, with antibiotic treatment works well. Phlegm is caused by bronchiolitis and alveolar abnormal secretion, mainly chronic inflammation, is generally not caused by bacterial infection, with antibiotic treatment no effect. In addition, frequent smokers will spit out gray sputumThe best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!.


There are three methods of phlegm TCM: First, expectorant; the second is phlegm; third is 蠲 (the meaning of the volume go, go) to drink.


Expectorant is the site of the upper respiratory tract infection shallow, Chinese medicine mainly Sunburn Ephedra, Sunburn Purple Sunburn, sunburn winter, white hair Prunella, Sunburn loquat leaves, Albizia and so on, both cough expectorant effect, so sputum Easy to cough up.


Phlegm for chronic bronchitis patients often cough phlegm, commonly used Chinese Pinellia, almonds and other phlegm, with inhibition of sputum secretion. However, phlegm alone is not enough, often used together with other Chinese medicine.


drink is aimed at the foam sputum, the main Chinese medicine mustard, razor clam, cassia twig, the role of these drugs is to promote the reabsorption of thin liquid-like sputum, reducing the foam.